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Bookstore Hours:

7:30 A.M to 5:00 P.M

Saturday, Sunday CLOSED

Textbook Rental Policy


Do you want to rent your textbooks?

Your WITCC Bookstore offers textbooks to rent at the Sioux City Campus!


What is renting?

                Why not rent? Some of our textbooks are available for rent for the entire semester at the WITCC Bookstore in Sioux City. You can get the textbook you need for class and pay less for them! All you need to do is come to the WITCC Bookstore on the Sioux City campus, have your WITCC ID ready, your class schedule, and a debit or a credit card to secure the rental. You do not have to pay the rental fee with that card. We use it as a collateral card. And it’s just that easy!

What is the difference between if I rent a book or if I buy a book?

                Not all textbooks are rentable. For example, if the textbook is a loose leaf book, it is not rentable. If the textbook also has an access code bundled with the book, it is also not rentable. However, available rental textbooks are cheaper than purchasing the textbook. All rented textbooks from the WITCC Bookstore in Sioux City are due at the end of the semester. You don’t have to worry about re-renting the textbook multiple times during the same semester! Once the semester is over, you return the textbook to the WITCC Bookstore or WITCC campuses. Renting a textbook will be one less textbook on your bookshelf!

What do I need to bring to the WITCC Bookstore to rent?

                All you need to bring to the WITCC Bookstore on the Sioux City campus are:

  • Your class schedule so we can pull your textbooks
  • Your WITCC ID either on the WITCC app or your WITCC ID card
  •  A debit or credit card to secure the rental

Can I rent over the phone or online through the WITCC Bookstore?

                 No. The WITCC Bookstore in Sioux City will not rent textbooks for a phone or online order. The student needs to be at the WITCC Sioux City campus to rent their textbooks.

Can someone else rent my textbooks at the store for me?

                  A parent, legal guardian, or spouse can come to the Sioux City campus to rent textbooks out for a student. However, by doing so, the person who comes into the Bookstore is held responsible if the book or books are not returned to the Bookstore or to the other WITCC locations.

Can I use my Financial Aid (Pell Grant, Loans, or other forms of aid) to rent books?

                Of course!

When do I need to bring back the rented books?

                All rented textbooks from the WITCC Bookstore in Sioux City are due at the last day of class at the end of every semester. They can also be dropped off at the WITCC campuses at Cherokee or Denison as long as your WITCC ID number is on a piece of paper in the textbook so we know it is your textbook. When a rented textbook is returned on or before the last day of the semester, you will receive no late fees or penalties.

What if I don’t bring back the textbook, lose the textbook, or damage the textbook?

                All rented textbooks are property of the WITCC Bookstore. If a textbook is not returned to a WITCC campus by the last day of classes, is lost, or is damaged, the debit or credit card placed as a collateral for the textbook will be charged the retail purchase price of the textbook for that semester. The rental fee paid at the time the textbook was rented is not refunded or credited to the purchase price. If the card could not be charged at that time, a balance will be placed on your WITCC account, and you will be sent a bill from WITCC.

What deems a textbook as “damaged”?

                A textbook is labeled “damaged” if the textbook has water, coffee, or similar damage. The book is also damaged if the cover of the textbook is ripped off or large portions of the cover or pages are missing. Missing or loose pages also makes the book damaged. If candy or food is stuck to the cover or any of the textbook pages, it is also marked as damaged.

                These are examples of the most common criteria that makes a textbook damaged. If the rented textbook has one or more of these damages, you are responsible for the book. The debit or credit card placed as collateral at the rental purchase will be charged at the end of the semester.


Please see the rental agreement below before renting:


Rental Agreement:


  1. I understand the rented textbook is the property of the WITCC Bookstore. I am responsible to return the book in a clean, lightly marked, and fully resalable condition. This means the book has limited writing, highlighting, or notes. The book needs to be returned in this condition on or before the rental due date which is the last day of the semester

  2. I agree to allow the WITCC Bookstore to keep my rental fee and charge the debit or credit card placed as collateral at the time the book was rented if I do not return the book or if the book has damage to it. If that charge could not be placed, a balance will be put on my WITCC account, and I will receive a bill. The charge would be the amount of NEW replacement textbook if the rental books are not returned by the due date, damaged, or deemed unusable by the Bookstore staff

  3. Whether or not I receive a reminder, I am aware I am responsible for returning my rented textbook to the WITCC campuses in a resalable condition as stated above

  4. Checked out items with defects must be notified to the WITCC Bookstore within three (3) business days of rental purchase. If this has not been done, I am aware that I take responsibility for those damages

  5. I understand that any rental contract entered into after ten (10) business days for a sixteen (16) week course or five (5) business days for a twelve (12) or eight (8) week course cannot be refunded if I drop the course or want to return the textbook

  6. I am allowed ten (10) business days from the beginning of the class for a sixteen (16) week course or five (5) business days for a twelve (12) or eight (8) week course to apply rental payment towards purchase of the same title.Purchased copies will be billed a NEW or USED book price depending on the book’s availability

  7. I understand and accept that the last day of finals is the last day of the current semester. It is also my responsibility to return all rented textbooks to the WITCC campuses or pay FULL RETAIL replacement price of the outstanding textbook. The credit or debit card placed as collateral will first be charged. If the card could not be approved, a charge will be placed on my WITCC account

  8. Outstanding rentals will be billed at NEW PRICE of the replacement book on the debit or credit card placed as collateral at the rental purchase

  9. I understand if I have an outstanding rental balance that I had not paid, I cannot rent from the WITCC Bookstore until the balance is paid in full or paid agreement with WITCC's Student Accounts

  10. By signing the renal document, I accept the WITCC Textbook Rental Policy and agree to the terms as stated above


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (712) 274-8733 x1417
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